Chair of National Umpires Committee
I have worked right through the 'RulesMaster' rules training software. This has been brilliantly put together and presented so I would award it top marks. The program is aimed at those new to competitive sailing, so it commences right at the basics with the Definitions and takes people through all of Part 2 of the RRS with excellent explanations, a good commentary and animated diagrams…..I would say it should be encouraged as a tool for those with officiating in mind, and who wish to fine-tune and/or revise their Part 2 rules knowledge.

Tom Cunliffe: Highly regarded author of many yachting articles, books, videos and software (http://www.tomcunliffe.com/)
RulesMaster Pro: I began by using it for reference; but I soon found myself having far too much fun with the interaction. Finally I realised that I'd learned a lot without even trying. A grand, seamanlike learning system.

Simon Jinks: Yachting Monthly (http://www.yachtingmonthly.co.uk)
The graphics are excellent, with animated diagrams explaining concepts where possible. This was the only genuinely interactive COLREGs software...This would be a good CD for Day Skipper or Yachtmaster candidates.

John Armstrong: Aust. Maritime Training Centre, Master V, Yachtmaster Ocean (http://www.maritimetraining.com.au)
Professional, careful presentation of two of the most important topics in maritime training.

Captain Skip Litterer, Sr. Instructor: Boatwise Marine Training (USA) (http://www.boatwise.com)
The best rules learning tool I've seen yet...well laid out, interactive, realistic and visually stimulating. I've seen a dramatic increase in student's rules retention since we introduced your product.

Capt C. DeCaro, Sr. Instructor: Boatwise Marine Training (USA) (http://www.boatwise.com)
I recently purchased your Rulesmaster software and am very pleased! The intuitive interface and excellent graphics combine to provide a top notch training package.

Don Lundman: U.S. recreational boater
I am not easily impressed by computer-based training products. However, I have used RulesMaster Pro for a couple of weeks now, and I must say that I am completely bowled over. What a wonderful piece of work!

Antonio Dael: Maritime trainer, Philippines (http://www.tdg.ph/mc_nykfilneti.asp)
Compared to the conventional way of teaching the subject, using the product [RulesMaster Pro] for teaching and assessment can enhance the interest of the trainees because it is interactive.

Antonio Dael: Maritime trainer, Philippines (http://www.tdg.ph/mc_nykfilneti.asp)
FlashCards and QuickQuiz are very good assessment tools for the [Collision Avoidance] course.

Tony Panetta: Coxswain student, Australia
I recently bought your CD-ROM and I think it is fantastic, I have learned so much from it. I start my Coxswain's course on Friday and I am going to plug your CD to the other students.

Mike Traynor: Professional maritime trainer of 20 years
I am really impressed with your product. I especially like the way that a picture becomes superimposed below the lights. It gives learning the rules a completely new aspect -- great use of technology.

Mike Stubbs: RYA Day Skipper student
The FlashCard software is brilliant -- we had a tutorial on lights at our RYA class and, having used the software only 10 times, I was able to answer most of the questions.

Michael Job: RYA Instructor/Examiner, principal Southern Cross Yachting (http://www.southerncrossyachting.com.au)
Strongly recommended for students at all levels...illustrates collision scenarios, lights and shapes and buoyage in ways that could previously only be seen on the water.

Colin Jarman: Sailing Today (http://www.sailingtoday.co.uk)
...this is the best Rules CD I have come across...

Sailing Today (http://www.sailingtoday.co.uk)
RulesMaster is a good way to learn. It's sufficiently interactive to make it interesting!

John Armstrong: Aust. Maritime Training Centre, Master V, Yachtmaster Ocean (http://www.maritimetraining.com.au)
A learning mode of the future that will enable many professional and recreational mariners to get on top of important aspects of seamanship.

Author's mother.
Absolutely fantastic.

Liz Wardley: winning Sydney-Hobart skipper
RulesMaster FlashCards is really easy to use. All you need is a computer, instead of hundreds of little cards which you lose, they get wet, and you get bored with them.

Michael Job: RYA Instructor/Examiner, principal Southern Cross Yachting (http://www.southerncrossyachting.com.au)
RulesMaster FlashCards is an invaluable aid to learning.

Recreational sailor
Since using RulesMaster FlashCards, I believe it to be essential for anyone learning lights and shapes and IALA buoyage.

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