About us

Ross Learning Media uses state-of-the-art media to illustrate the basic concepts behind complex rules and to develop realistic practice scenarios so that, in real life, you can recall information from your training to take effective decisions.

For example, graphics are developed using advanced 3-D modelling tools and animation to accurately simulate real life. Quiz questions ask you to identify a scenario and then decide what action to take. In real situations, quick, accurate recall can be the difference between a good decision and a bad one. RulesMaster learning products make the difference.

Mariners and would-be mariners globally need only a personal computer and internet access to get RulesMaster products cost effectively.

Learning can be easy and fun...give it a try.


Ross Learning Media, a division of Ross Jensen Associates Pty Ltd
ABN 95 339 362 820 / ACN 072 174 808
23 Stevens St. Yeronga Queensland 4104 Australia

Ross Learning Media is a division of Ross Jensen Associates Pty Ltd, based in Brisbane, Australia.

RJA's principals are Laurie Jensen and Carolyn Ross, who have extensive line management experience in marketing, business development, manufacturing and product development.

Both enjoy sailing and club racing.  They developed the RulesMaster product concept after their personal experience of learning the Rules, and later, after extensive market testing. "Like many of our contemporaries, we learned through memorising, but found our ability to apply the Rules practically was limited," they said.  They developed skills and understanding in instructional design and found that the learning concepts and constructionism and constructivism aligned closely with their own experiences: learn in a way that each user can map the new knowledge into their individual experience, then practice in a way that confirms and builds understanding.

"We know you learn faster and retain more if tuition is interactive and emphasises practice with scenarios that mimic real life."

Ross Learning Media aims to provide effective and affordable products that make it easy to learn the nautical "Rules of the Road" and the Racing Rules of Sailing.