RulesMaster Racing 2013 is here

RulesMaster Racing 2016 is the easy way to learn and understand the Racing Rules of Sailing. It's a comprehensive, highly interactive learning guide to the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013-2016, suitable for all ages and levels of experience.

Right now you can purchase RulesMaster Racing 2016 as a download from this site. CD-ROM versions will be available from October 2012, from this website or from selected resellers.

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RulesMaster Racing 2013 is here

A new version of RulesMaster Racing covering the 2013-2016 rules: download version available from this site Read More...

RulesMaster Pro 4 LAN Server released.

RulesMaster Pro 4 LAN server provides for cost effective deployment of RulesMaster Pro 4 over a Local Area Network (LAN). Read More...

Cruise ends in tragedy…

…as experienced helmsperson mistakes a tug for a fishing vessel

Cow falls from sky, sinks boat

Following the rules isn't enough when the danger is airborne.

Calm morning, but disaster lurks

Passenger looks ahead, calls out a warning, and jumps overboard!
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