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A$45.00 (plus tax for Australian residents) RulesMaster FlashCards II

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RulesMaster Flashcards II is the quick, easy way to learn or practice the international Rules (COLREGS, NavRules) and the IALA buoyage system. It's a multimedia tool that you can download from this internet site.

This practice tool is also a fun way to learn. There are flashcards on all the rules:

  • 41 flashcards on Steering & Sailing Rules
  • 63 flashcards on Lights & Shapes
  • 25 flashcards on Sound & Light signals
  • and 13 flashcards on General Rules, such as definitions


  • 54 flashcards on IALA Buoyage, both Region A and Region B

You can practice with real life scenarios, so you'll have instant recall when confronted with a situation on the water.

Try it yourself: download a free trial version.

Need to know more? Buy RulesMaster Pro, which provides comprehensive lessons, an additional practice tool, and includes all the functionality of RulesMaster FlashCards II. Take a tour of RulesMaster Pro from the home page.

Features and benefits

  • FlashCards uses lifelike, 3D models to depict scenarios you might find in real life. Night-time buoyage FlashCards show flashing lights. So, when you see a similar situation on the water, you can easily recall the information you need to make important manoeuvring decisions.
  • If you are unsure of an answer, 'Look it up'. RulesMaster FlashCards II includes rule summaries which illustrate the Rules and IALA Buoyage in a format that makes them easy to remember.
  • To look up the full text of a Rule, jump to RuleBook, a complete electronic text of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. RuleBook automatically opens to the rule that applies for the current flashcard. You can also select a specific Rule or search for a word or phrase. The RuleBook includes separate versions for International, US Inland and Canadian modifications, so that you can see where and how a rule applies in your home waters.
  • Use the Setup Wizard to configure your practice sessions. Select question categories, the number of flashcards, random or ordered questions, and open or closed book.
  • After you complete all required responses to a FlashCard, you'll be invited to check your answer. A text explanation is given, your responses marked correct or incorrect, and your score updated. For night-time scenarios, the vessel or buoy fades into view. 

Learning can be more fun ... and more permanent. Give it a try. RulesMaster FlashCards II costs only 45 Australian dollars (plus 10% GST for Australian residents). Purchase easily and safely online or download a free trial.

What's new in FlashCards II ?

  • FlashCards II is offered as this standalone product, and is also provided as a module in RulesMaster Pro 4. So FlashCards II includes the modern features of RulesMaster Pro 4, including a modern and much improved user interface, and much larger screen resolution (1024 X 768 pixels).
  • FlashCards II has twice the number of flashcards as FlashCards 1, and covers all the rules (not just Lights & Shapes).
  • FlashCards II has summaries of all the Rules, and these are accessible from each flashcard, or can be viewed as a presentation accessed from the main menu.


  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • Multimedia computer (Pentium 1.4GHz or better)
  • RAM: as recommended for your system
  • ~15 MB free hard disk space
  • 1024 by 768 pixel or larger display