RulesMaster Pro LAN Server

RulesMaster Pro 4 is available as a CD or download for stand-alone computers, and as a LAN Server version for operation on a Local Area Network (LAN). Both versions contain the same learning content. The program provides a comprehensive suite of lessons designed to allow a student to move from beginner to a professional working knowledge in 4-5 hours of self study (normally equating to about ten hours of class-room time). Practice tools are provided to build retention of Lights & Shapes, Sound Signals and the like, and this feature is much appreciated by students. One practice tool, QuickQuiz, is based on USCG Merchant Marine Deck exam questions, and is often used for exam preparation. See the RulesMaster Pro 4 product page for detail .

The server version needs is installed on a Windows server on your LAN. Only desktop shortcuts need to be installed on workstations. Students log in the first time by entering their name, and thereafter select from a drop down list of names. There is no limit to the number of records but for practical purposes we recommend that records be archived annually.

LAN SERVER Licencing

A standard RulesMaster Pro Server installation costs A$180 per licence. Licences are delivered by way of a registration key, and each extra licence allows one extra concurrent user. For example, supposing you need 30 users to access the program concurrently; you will need 30 licences, even though you may have 100 computers on your LAN. Alternatively, if say only 10 users will be using the program concurrently you need only ten licences. The program is accessible from all of your LAN connected computers. Licences are installed by way of an alphanumeric key. You can increase the number of licences to a maximum of 255 at any time.


The teaching environment is an important consideration. COLREGS requires a lot of memorisation of lights, shapes, sound signals and the like, as well as comprehension. We strongly recommend that your students have casual access to the program so they can use RulesMaster Pro's practice tools, FlashCards and QuickQuiz, to refresh understanding and build retention. Some environments have a learning laboratory where students can use the program anytime. Others use a combination of CD, Download and Server based product to achieve the same end.

RulesMaster Pro 4 benefits:

  • Productivity: typically students using RulesMaster Pro 4 learn in about half the time required for traditional class room learning.
  • Engagement: Do you find that teaching COLREGS is sometimes tedious? Is it difficult to maintain the attention of your class?  If so you will truly enjoy using RulesMaster Pro in the classroom, and so will your students.
  • Retention: RulesMaster Pro has excellent practice tools, FlashCards and QuickQuiz.  Students that use these tools have much better retention, especially for Lights & Shapes and Sound & Light Signals.  Exam preparation is easier, less stressful for students, and you will see better results.
  • Upgrade the learning: When your students have a good working knowledge of COLREGS you will typically finfd that you can use precious classroom time to work through important scenarios such as multiple vessel collision avoidance, confident in the knowledge that all your students are up to speed.

Installing RulesMaster Pro LAN Server

We recommend that the Server version be installed by a qualified IT person. We can provide a trial version that allows you to install the program and validate operation in your network environment. If you decide to proceed we send an alphanumeric key which enables permanent use.

It may be helpful to know that RulesMaster Pro 4 is written in Adobe Authorware, and is installed on your server as an executable. (It is not a web-based program.)  Please feel free to invite any technical staff to contact us if further information is required.

You can download the product Installation and Operation manual here:

pdf version (recommended for printing);

Windows Help File (recommended for on-line viewing) . Note: Save this file to your desktop.  When you open the file you may see a Windows dialogue asking if you want to Run the file: in the Open File dialog box, clear the Always ask before opening this file check box, and then click Open. On some systems it may be necessary to Unblock the file: right-click the .CHM file and choose Properties, then click the button labeled "Unblock" on the General tab.