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Q: If you encounter problems....
If you encounter problems installing or running a RulesMaster product, first consult this 'Frequently Asked Questions' section.

If the problem persists, email Please tell us which product/version you are using, as much as you can about the problem, and details of your computer (at least the make and model, or CPU type and speed, and operating system.)

Please also include your name and address, and the date and place of purchase.

We will respond promptly, usually 7 days a week.

Some products have a ReadMe file describing installation and operation. Click the link below for the latest version: it may have the solution that you are looking for!

Q: Where can I buy RulesMaster products?
You can buy RulesMaster products quickly and safely on-line at this website. Alternatively, you will find CD products available from most Marine booksellers. Ask for RulesMaster Pro, ISBN 0-646-41220-5, or RulesMaster Racing, ISBN 0-646-44903-6.

Q: RulesMaster Pro 4 updater.
The latest version is 4.02. If you have version 4.00 or 4.01 installed then you can download an updater at

Q: Should I get the CD-ROM or a Download version?
Both products are exactly the same, except for the installers. The download won't take long if you have a high speed internet connection. However if you only have a dial up connection then it is probably best to get the CD-ROM version. Note that there is a freight charge for CD-ROM shipment. Some users may find that the CD-ROM version is more convenient: after installation you can use the program immediately without a Licence Key, or you can apply for a Personal Licence Key from

Q: How do I tell which version I have?
Run the program and check the title page or select Tools>About. If you have a CD product then the version number is also printed on the CD.

Q: I am a teacher. Can I use RulesMaster products in my classroom?
You are most welcome to use any RulesMaster product as a teaching aid. Many teachers take advantage of RulesMaster's high quality 3D graphics and animations to demonstrate important concepts, or to workshop scenarios in a class. Many classrooms are equipped with a data projector which is ideal for this purpose. Otherwise just find the biggest regular screen computer possible and ask your students to huddle up. We do respectfully ask that teachers take note of the licence agreement, which allows for one licence per installation. You should not attempt to loan or copy the product.

Q: I don't quite trust buying over the Internet. / I don't have a credit card. How can I buy off-line?
We encourage people to buy over the Internet because it's the quickest way to complete your order. If you're concerned about your privacy, please check out our Privacy Policy. Please note that your credit card information is protected by the highest standards of security and encryption to protect your interests. That said, it's easy to buy our products 'off-line', even if you don't want to use a credit card. Just click on the 'Buy Now' button, and follow the prompts. Then, instead of paying by credit card, just click 'Pay by Mail'. This will allow you to print out a completed order form, which you can send to us with a cheque. The address details are explained on the order form. Alternatively, you can fax the order to us. In this case you have to fill out your credit card details in the space provided on the form. If you have any problems at all, please email or fax your request and contact details and we will respond promptly.

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