RulesMaster Racing
Copyright � 2004, 2005 Ross Jensen Associates Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

§This file applies to RulesMaster Racing versions 1.00 and 1.01. It has been updated from that provided with the CD. New/changed content is bounded by §.

Version 1.00 was sold in Australia only between June and September 2005. Version 1.01 was released worldwide in September 2005, and includes a new high quality narration and some typo corrections and bug fixes. If you purchased version 1.00 after June 1st then you are entitled to a no charge CD exchange to version 1.01. Contact for details (include your name and address, and place and date of purchase).§

Thank you for exploring RulesMaster Racing.


  • Multimedia Pentium 800 computer or faster
  • SVGA or higher graphics capabilities or better Colour set to 32 bit RAM:at least the recommended RAM for your operating system, preferably 500Mb on a Windows XP system ~130MB of free hard disk space Sound-card and loudspeakers Internal CD-ROM drive with 300k+ bps transfer rate (20 speed+ recommended)
  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • Most users prefer using a mouse rather than a touchpad or trackpoint device

Insert the RulesMaster CD into your CD-ROM drive.Windows Autorun will launch the setup dialogue.If no dialogue appears, from the Start menu, choose Run and type D:\SETUP.EXE (Substitute the correct letter for your CD drive).Alternatively, open Windows Explorer, then open the drive containing the RulesMaster CD and double click on the file SETUP.EXE.Either way will launch the RulesMaster installation program, and you can follow the prompts on the screen as they appear.Once installation is completed you can start RulesMaster Racing by selecting the program in the Windows Start Menu, or by selecting the icon on your desktop.

You can access this ReadMe file after installation by using the Start>Programs menu.Note that the Setup program does not install all program files on your hard drive.If you have a CD version of the product, then the RulesMaster Racing CD must remain in your CD drive in order for the program to operate. Some older anti-virus programs may cause error messages to appear when you attempt to install the program.In this case, disable your anti-virus program and then try again.(In most cases you can find your anti-virus program icon on your task bar.Simply right-click the icon, and then click Disable.)

You must be logged on with Administrator privileges when installing RulesMaster Racing.

RulesMaster Racing contains only a few measures aimed to discourage improper use and copying of the product. Our policy is to provide affordable and effective products, designed for easy operation, and rely on our customers to do the right thing. We respectfully ask that you abide by the terms of the licence agreement. In particular, unless you have our prior permission, you should not loan the CD to anyone else. Thanks.

RulesMaster Racing keeps records of your score for each of the quizzes associated with a guide for up to five users.You can see your records by way of the 'ScoreCard' (access ScoreCard from the main menu, or from the 'Options' menu within a guide).In addition, your score records can be printed or copied to your desktop from a command within 'ScoreCard'.

If you find that RulesMaster Racing runs slowly or if you encounter errors, then the application probably doesn't have access to enough memory. Consider doing the following to improve your computer's performance:

  • Close all unnecessary applications.
  • Make sure you have the recommended amount of RAM for your operating system. (Right-click the My Computer icon on your Desktop, then select Properties to check this.)

Also be sure you do not rename or move any of the files inside the RulesMaster Racing program directory.

If you encounter problems installing or running RulesMaster Racing, please first consult the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section of this document, or for the most up to date list, go to this doesn't work, email which product/version you are using, details of the problem, the model computer, amount of RAM, free hard disk space, type of video driver, and any other pertinent details. Please also include your name and address so that we register your licence (this information is used in accordance with our privacy policy, and is not shared with any outside parties).

Q: Can I make the RulesMaster panel appear larger on my screen?

A: The RulesMaster display area is 800 by 600 pixels, so if you have a high resolution monitor, you may find the display too small.For most computers RulesMaster can automatically adjust for full screen mode when you start/quit the program. You will see this feature when you first log on, and under the 'Options' menu.
If you need to adjust screen resolution yourself, open your Windows Control Panel and select 'Display' (or right click on a blank area of the Windows desktop and select 'Properties').Click the Settings tab, and adjust the Display Area to a suitable level.Usually 800 by 600 works best.

Q: I am using full screen mode. How do I get the Windows task bar off the screen?

A: In the Windows Start Menu, select Settings/task bar, then click the Options tab, then checkmark 'Always on top' and 'Auto hide' and click OK.To get to the task bar after this, move the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen where the task bar used to be and it will pop up.

Q: The graphics on my screen look odd.Why are there weird coloured patches here and there in the window?

A: If your Windows system colours are set to less than 32 bit color (Truecolor) you will experience this.Change your settings to display 32 bit colour (sometimes called 'Truecolor').(Go to Control Panel, open Display, click on the Settings tab, and set colours to 32 bit or more.)

Q: I can't hear any audio when I use RulesMaster Racing.What's wrong?

A: Most likely it's because your system is not playing audio files properly.First of all check the obvious things like the volume control on your loudspeakers, and the volume control in your windows task bar (click on the speaker icon).Most computers have more than one sound device (e.g. WAV and MIDI) and you will need to open the Master OUT volume controls (usually this opens if you double click on the speaker icon in the task bar).Make sure that the checkbox under Wave is NOT checked, and that the Wave volume and Master volume sliders are set to at least the midpoint.You can check this by opening the .wav file in the Oops folder on your RulesMaster Racing CD.If you double click on this file you will see it play using the media player installed on your system.If it doesn't play properly, you know that there is a problem with your system.

Q: How do I use other programs while playing RulesMaster Racing?

A: RulesMaster products are designed to occupy the entire screen so as to take best advantage of your monitor's capability and ensure that you can see all of RulesMaster's multimedia elements and controls.However, if you need to open up another program quickly, the following Windows key commands may help:

- Ctrl+Esc (and the Windows key on most keyboards) switches the focus to the Windows Start Menu.

- Alt+Tab switches the focus to other active programs.

- Alt+F4 terminates the active program immediately.

If your screen resolution is greater than 800 by 600 pixels the program uses a background cover. You can disable this by selecting Preferences under the Options menu. This will make it easier to see other items on your desktop.

Q: How can I reinstall RulesMaster Racing, but keep my user records?

A: Your records will remain intact, even after you have uninstalled the program.�� All user records are kept in a folder called 'Records' which is normally within a folder named RulesMaster\RRS\Records within the the local user's Application Data directory: in Windows 2000/XP it's usually C:\Documents and Settings\[local user name]\Application Data.

Q: How can I uninstall RulesMaster Racing?

A: You can simply go to Control Panel, select 'Add/Remove Programs' then select 'RulesMaster Racing' on the the Add/Remove Programs dialogue.This will launch the RulesMaster Racing uninstall program. If you want to delete your user records you have to do this manually.They are stored as a folder 'RulesMaster\RRS\Records' which is normally within the the local user's Application Data directory: in Windows 2000/XP this is usually C:\Documents and Settings\[local user name]\Application Data.